We offer UQ areas and departments the opportunity to book free advertising space on UQ websites and digital signage to help promote key events and activities. Further information on the spaces available and guidelines for usage is included below.

  • Digital entrance banners
  • UQ homepage banners
  • UQ Events banner
  • my.UQ Student page spotlights

If your area would be interested in booking any of these spaces, please review the guidelines below to determine suitability and then complete the online booking form at least 10 days prior to when you would like the banner to appear. We will review your booking request and respond within 2-3 business days.

All requests are subject to availability and must comply with guidelines. OMC can assist with the creation of artwork or alternatively below specifications have been provided if your area has in-house design capabilities.

Digital entrance banners

Located on Sir Fred Schonell Drive, Coleridge Street and the UQ Lakes Walkway. UQ areas are able to book these spaces to advertise their events and activities.

Purpose of signage

  • To promote official and semi-official University functions and events
  • Display corporate messages
  • Promote campus activities including sports and cultural activities
  • Content for digital signage banners must be of interest to both UQ students and staff

Welcome messages

Requests for welcome messages will be considered but they must be in line with the guidelines below:

  • Welcome messages are permitted for large groups that may be of interest to a broader UQ audience.
  • Welcome messages to individuals and small groups will only be approved if the visit is from a VIP; or the request comes from the Senior Executive.


  • Specifications for the Sir Fred Schonell Drive and Coleridge Street signs are detailed here.
  • The UQ Lakes Walkway sign operates on the Appspace digital signage system.
    • 1920px (w) x 1080px (h)
    • Text should be limited to key event/activity details so it can be easily read from a distance.

UQ homepage banner

As the first point of contact for visitors to the University, it is important that the UQ homepage strongly reflects the UQ brand and corporate identity. Homepage banners are primarily used to promote key stories, events and initiatives that showcase the University’s brand platform of ‘Create change’.


  • Relevant to multiple audiences (both internal - staff and students and external - prospective students, alumni and the community)
  • Banners reinforce the UQ brand and enhances UQ's reputation as a world-class university and destination of choice for prospective students and staff
  • Highlights achievements and initiatives of the university as a whole
  • Must have a link to a web page within the UQ domain (i.e. uq.edu.au)
  • Space on the homepage is limited, and as such, priorities are based on the size and breadth of the intended audience and support of university goals


  • 585px (w) x 665px (h)
  • Copy should not be included in artwork but supplied separately. Maximum number of characters is 40.

UQ events banner

UQ Events is used to promote events to the UQ community. In addition to the standard listing on UQ events, a banner is available to further promote key events and activities. These events should be open to UQ staff, students and the wider public.


  • Relevant to multiple audiences
  • Event open for people to register and/or attend. No closed invitation events will be promoted as banners
  • Event must be listed on UQ Events website


  • 660px (w) x 260px (h)
  • Avoid including any important information in the bottom left hand corner due to placement of the ADD EVENT button.

myUQ student page spotlight

The my.UQ student page acts as a portal to information and websites important to current students (e.g. mySI-net and student email). Students access this site on a regular basis so it can be a great way to promote events and activities to current students.


  • Must be relevant to all current students
  • Must have a web page to link to further information
  • Example of type of spotlights:
    - Informational (primarily Academic Services messaging)
    - Create awareness of opportunities (e.g. UQ Abroad, UQ Sport, Concurrent Diplomas)
    - Promote key events such as Careers Fair or Orientation Week


  • 250px (w) x 104px (h)
  • As the space is quite small, copy needs to be limited to a few keywords, e.g. Volunteer Expo