Which template should I use?

There are two colour versions and three footer versions of the html newsletter template available. Usage guidelines are provided below:

  • Purple is the default colour option and is intended for emails to all audiences.
  • Black is intended for emails of a more formal nature or to corporate partners.
  • The template featuring the 'Questions?' footer is intended for student recruitment related emails to future students

How do I set up the template in Vision6?

  • Login to Vision 6 and go to Messages in the main menu.
  • Create a New Email and select HTML + Plain Text
  • Open the template you downloaded, right click on it and select View Source. Select all of the source code and Copy.
  • On the WYSIWYG editor click the HTML source button and paste in the source code from the email template, replacing any source code that exists already in the Vision 6 screen. Click update.
  • You can now edit the email content in Vision 6.

A checklist of editable sections to personalise for your audience

  • Email title and org unit name in header
  • Date of publication at the top
  • Quicklinks in the footer
  • Related News links in the footer
  • Social media links in footer
  • Authorised by name in the footer
  • Maintained by email in the footer
  • Unsubscribe email in the footer

How do I edit the content?

Once you've inserted the HTML code from the email template you can start editing the placeholder copy in the email with your own.

IMPORTANT: Because emails are very susceptible to displaying differently in different email clients it is vital that you DO NOT copy text or images in from another program such as MS Word. All content MUST be typed in directly, and images added through the CMS.

Using and linking to images

  • You must resize images to their correct dimensions before uploading them to the website and adding to your email.
    • Use Photoshop or similar image editing software to do this.
    • Use the template image reference sizes.
  • Once resized, upload your images to Vision 6 using the Image Upload function.
  • You can then use the Image Upload function to add the images you upload into your email.

How do I send my email?

IMPORTANT: Always test the email by sending it to yourself and a colleague before you send. Check that it looks right and all the links work.

Follow the steps through Vision 6 to send your email as you would with any other email sent through Vision 6.