OMC books paid staff recruitment advertising in print and online media for all UQ faculties, schools and centres.


Print advertising options include either "Block" or "Stand alone" advertising.

UQ Block: Multiple jobs will be published in one advert. Ad copy is supplied via UQ Jobs in an edited format using the Print Media Advertising template. This is the most cost effective option for print media advertising.

Stand Alone: A single job will be published in one advert. Ad copy can be longer (similar to online) and should be emailed to the Advertising Office ( Primarily used for Senior Executive or difficult to fill appointments where it is important to ensure the widest field of high calibre candidates. This is the most expensive option for print media advertising.


OMC can upload online bookings that charge an advertising fee – including email newsletters and job boards (HR is responsible for advertisements on SEEK, UniJobs and any other websites not requiring payment). Ad copy is taken by the Advertising Office direct from the UQ Jobs website.

1. How to book

Staff recruitment advertising is requisitioned via UQ’s web-based recruitment system UQ Jobs.

In UQ Jobs, the HR staff member/recruiter will create a Job Card and enter the Advertising details. Once the Job Card has been approved and sourced by HR, a PDF advertising report will be emailed by 9am the following working day to the UQ Advertising Officer to action.

Alternatively please email your request direct to for immediate assistance.